Field trips & Excursions

Excursions, such as to museums for history and to the countryside for geography, help support the learning process and connect theory with practice, allowing our students to experience the practical relevance of what they have been taught.  They also inspire and engage.

School is fully committed to supporting field trips and visits.  We are also keen to create as many 'memory makers' as we can throughout the year and insist that EVERY CLASS for Yr 1 upwards experiences a trip at least once a year and a special event each term.

School sets aside over £10,000 each year to support this work, enabling a wide range of excursions and special events to take place FOR FREE


If families are asked to hep contribute to the cost of any trip off-site these suggested amounts are only very small (averaging around £2.50 for a trip which would cost £14 per pupil) and are given to school as donations.  No child at Lower Kersal is ever denied a trip on the basis of not giving a donation. We understand how tight home budgets can be and we do everything we can to ensure we are not placing additional financial burden on our parents.