School Development Plan : Overview of Themes

Following from the publication of the 2016 unvalidated RAISE Online report in October 2016 the SLT and Governors analysed this document and came up with the following Questions and Areas for Improvements:


  •  Explore why the number of higher attaining pupils at the end of KS1 is lower in all subjects when compared to national data – what are the reasons for this?  Weak teaching? Inadequate curriculum provision? Poor tracking systems?
  •  Why is the number of pupils achieving greater depth in writing at the end of KS2 lower than national figures?  Poor provision? Inaccurate assessments?  Focus on getting children to expected standards?  Issues with EAL writing?
  •  Explore the drop in phonics scores for 2016.  Is this cohort specific?  What are the reasons for this happening?  Have measures been put in place to address this AND support the pupils who did not reach expected standards?
  • What are the reasons for differences in performances between girls and boys in reading at KS1?  Is Maths an issue at KS1?  Why is there such a difference in attainment between KS1 and KS2?
  • Further improvements in attendance are needed, how is this being led and managed?

Summary Of Actions For 2016 - 2017

Summary Self Evaluation : January 2017 (updated using validated RoL)

Summary SEF 2016-17
FINAL SLT 2016 RoL Analysis LKPS Jan 201[...]
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Summary Self Evaluation : Autumn 2015

SEF Evaluation overview LKPS Aut2015.pdf
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