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Lower Kersal Community Primary School has a long history.  Our school has been in Salford for over 80 years and many of the parents - and grandparents - of today's students also studied here.  Families think so highly of our school that they choose to send their sons and daughters to us.  We try hard to foster an environment in which children feel comfortable, valued and safe so that they can study most effectively. Memories we help create here last a lifetime.


Our school's main strengths lie in :

  • Recognising each person's uniqueness and encouraging independent learning by using a variety of teaching methods and maximising learning opportunities.
  • Creating a supportive, safe environment which nurtures a love of learning and which enables each person to have increased aspirations.
  • Fostering constructive relationships with parents and other partners, including local nurseries and other schools.
  • Providing all boys and girls from all social and cultural backgrounds, irrespective of ability, the same educational opportunities.
  • Holding various events in our school, helping enrich the curriculum we offer.


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