“School governors are people who want to make a positive contribution to children’s education.”  

National Governors’ Association

The Governing Board

"Here at Lower Kersal, we believe that school is a place of learning for everyone and that we learn best when we feel safe, when we respect one another and when we work as a team.  Good relationships and friendship are important to us, and we strive to build effective learning partnerships with our parents and carers to help us reach the best possible outcomes for all of our pupils. We recognise that we are all on a journey of learning. We want our pupils to enjoy coming to school and we want them to be challenged and inspired to learn. The work of our Governing Body helps realise these aims and ensure our school sets itself even higher goals on its journey of improvement." 

Shared Statement From Our Elected Parent Governors

School Governing Body Information

All state maintained schools, whether they are primary, secondary or special schools, are accountable to their Governing Bodies. They in turn are accountable to parents and the community. Parent and staff representatives are elected to the governing body; the local authority may appoint governors to the governing body and faith bodies appoint foundation governors in faith schools. Whatever the background or reason for appointment for individual Governors, the Governing Body as a whole fulfils a critical role in the effective leadership and management of a school.

The governors' role is vitally important. It is not about rubber stamping decisions or about fundraising! School governors provide strategic leadership and accountability. Governors appoint the head teacher and are responsible for the performance management of the head teacher. In some schools and settings the site is actually owned by the governing body. It is governors who are responsible for the finances in schools and in ensuring that these are used to the maximum benefit of all pupils.

Governors have three key roles in raising and maintaining standards in school:

Setting strategic direction.

Responsibility for the day to day management of the school lies with the Head teacher or Principal. The Governing Body is responsible for working with the leaders in school to ensure there is a longer term view, or strategy, for school improvement.

Ensuring accountability.

The Governing Body holds the school to account via:

Undertaking the Performance Management of the Head teacher. This is normally allocated to two or three Governors who carry out a review in the autumn term (beginning of the academic year) often with external professional support. An over-view is reported to the full Governing Body.

Referring to the Head Teacher’s Report to Governors. This is normally a termly agenda item and will follow a set format. It is an opportunity for Governors to then seek clarification, offer challenge and refer information in the report to the School Improvement/Development Plan. The report should contain information on school developments; any staffing changes; assessment procedures, test and exam results; records of bullying and any safeguarding issues

The Governing Body also holds the school to account via:

Using the School Improvement Plan or School Development Plan to monitor developments and ensure actions are carried out on schedule. This should be referred to regularly in Governing Body meetings

Monitoring and checking the budget and allocation of funds. Often a sub-committee will have an over-view of finances and will report to the full Governing Body.

Visiting the school to monitor the work that goes on, normally with a focus on specific issues linked to school improvement.

Using data produced by the school and from RAISE online to compare attainment and achievement against national standards.

Possible ways Governing Bodies can inform parents of their work and respond to their concerns or ideas:

  • Regular newsletter
  • Governing Body page on the school website, perhaps with minutes of meetings
  • Governor presence at events such as parental consultation evenings, school productions, sporting events and assemblies
  • Twitter or Facebook account
  • Posters around school about any major developments

Monitoring and evaluating school performance.

Many Governing Bodies assign a Governor to a specific curriculum area or subject, although this is not essential for all subjects. Some schools assign Governors to specific classes; some to specific targets on the SIP. Governors then monitor and report back to the full Governing Body either at full meetings or through the relevant sub-committee.

There are a number of ways that monitoring can take place:

  • Watching lessons (with other staff so it can be discussed afterwards?).
  • Meeting with subject leaders and teachers.
  • Looking through examples of pupils’ work (work scrutiny).
  • Analysing relevant exam or test results (attainment).
  • Analysing and discussing the progress pupils make from their starting points (achievement).
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Historical Member Records
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Governor Code of Conduct 2021 2022
2021 Governing Board Code of Conduct 202[...]
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Governor attendance at Sub and Full Governing Board Meeting 2021 2022
Governor attendance at meetings 2021 202[...]
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20 21 Attendance at Full governing Board meetings
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20 21 Attendance at Sub Committee Meetings
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Governor Attendance at meeting 2018 - 2019
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Overview of Sub-Committees 

Sub Committee membership 21 - 22
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Sub Committee Membership 2020 - 2021
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If you feel there is anything you want to pass onto the Governors, please feel to contact either Mr Scott or Mrs Johns.


Chair of Governors:

Contact Mr P Scott



Vice Chair of Governors:

Mrs N Johns


Sub Committee Chairs:

Staffing and Finance:  P Dickinson

Curriculum and Standards:  K Williams

Health and Safety:  P Scott


Governor additional Roles:

Health and Safety Governor:  P Scott

Safeguarding Governor:  L Carr

SEN Governor:  N Johns

Standards Governor:  K Williams


NEW School Fund Mission Statement LKPS 2[...]
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Business Register

Register of Governor Business interests 2021 2022
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Register of Governor Business Interests 2020 2021
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Register of Governor Business Interests 2019 2020
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Register of Governor Business Interest 2018
Gov business interests 2018 2019.pdf
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Register Of Business Interests Policy
business interests policy.doc
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Meeting Dates for 2021-2022

Sub-Committee Meetings

Health and Safety:  13.10.21, 9.02.22 and 18.05.22

Finance and Staffing:  13.10.21, 9.02.22 and 18.05.22

Curriculum and Standards:  13.10.21, 9.02.22 and 18.05.22


Full Governing Board Meetings

Thursday 11th November 2021

Thursday 3rd March 2022

Thursday 14th July 2022



Friends of Lower Kersal

Although Lower Kersal does not have an official PTA, our school is fortunate to have very generous and very supportive parents. 


School is currently looking for a team of volunteers to help organise forthcoming events such as a Summer Fair and a Y6 Prom.  If you are interested in this please come and speak to someone at our school office.


We are also happy to hear from anyone who would like to become a member of our trips and visits team.  Members of this group are invited to help out on excursions away from school.  CRB/DBS clearance is necessary for this and school is happy to organise the paperwork for this on your behalf.