School provides a range of sporting/activity clubs throughout the year including multi-sports clubs, martial arts, kick boxing, athletics, Football and dance classes such as Bollywood dancing and cheerleading. All sports clubs are offered for free. School works as part of an Education Improvement Partnership to offer inter-school sporting events including football tournaments, swimming galas and rugby matches.  School has recently purchased a second minibus to enable children to attend other tournaments/events. The importance of sport is recognised in our termly Prize Days where children from every class (inc Nursery) are rewarded with a trophy for their sporting achievements.


Each year school holds special PE/Fitness days, including for example Skipping Days and Football Days, promotes Walk to School Week and invests in a week-long visit from the Life Education Classroom. Termly WILD Wednesdays enhance sports opportunities in school by offering pupils the chance to take part in sports not normally offered on the curriculum (eg Capoeira, Zumba).


School subscribes to the Salford swimming scheme and pays for two year groups to go swimming each week. This ensures that all pupils are able to swim one length before their swimming sessions end as classes attend swimming lessons for two consecutive years. School further uses its budget to pay for a PE kit for every child on roll, ensuring that children are ready to take part in all physical activity lessons.


School has extended its links with Salford Sports Village to provide children with PE sessions within the Centre as part of their existing trips down to the Library. Pupils now spend one session in the Library and one session in the sports hall/all weather pitch. This takes place each term.


Residential holidays at Prestatyn and Lledr Hall have a strong physical activity emphasis and school employs a qualified sports coach tp deliver/support PE lessons throughout all phases/key stages.  Our sports coach works each morning with children in our EYFS to help develop their fine and gross motor skills and also to give them an early love of physical activity and movement which we hope they will keep for the rest of their lives. School further benefits from the employment of our sports coach by helping support and enhance the delivery of PE within school through the demonstration of moves, by increasing teacher knowledge and to further enhance lunchtime provision.  Initially a large percentage of our Sports Premium Grant was used to employ our coach.  Since 2015 there has been a year on year reduction in this contribution to ensure the sustainability of this work.


Look How We Supported The Delivery Of PE in 2015/16!



Cost (per annum)

Swimming Provision (inc transport)




Out-of-school clubs and extra provision


Rewards & trophies


PE Coach


Cluster sports events and supervision/support 

             Football and tournament PE kits                   £1,000
               Special Activity Days/ Events                   £2,500

Total cost

Elements of the above projects are part-funded by the Sports Premium (£8,995) & contributions from school’s own budget.  Please see below for a full  breakdown of PSSP spend.




Lower Kersal is fully committed to providing an accessible and inclusive sports curriculum offer.  We use funding to help purchase additional specialist equipment or staff if this is needed to enable a pupil to take part in a sporting event or activity. This provision creates opportunities where our children can realise their basic rights and enhance their physical and mental wellbeing.   

new-sport-premium 2017 budget.docx
Microsoft Word document [37.8 KB]

The Sports Premium Grant 2015 - 2016

new-sport-premium 2016 budget.docx
Microsoft Word document [37.1 KB]



Health & Well Being


"We will improve children's enjoyment of school by increasing the number of fun events and sporting opportunities we offer in school.

Daily activities before school will encourage children to get active before the school day starts, bringing about postive changes to both physcial and mental well-being.  A range of sporting clubs and activies offered during the school day and at lunchtimes will also help motivate children and encourage them to adopt healthier lifestyles."


Attendance has increased from 94.6% in 2015 to 96.0% in 2016


Children taking part in extra-curriclar sportiing activities on a regular, weekly basis, has increased from 55% to 63% 


46% of eligible pupils are involved in a daily JUST DANCE session, providing these pupils with an extra 100 minutes each week of physical activity presented in a fun and engaging way.


Fun sports days and events arranged for the 2015-16 academic year included a skipping day, STOMP dance sessions, archery and deep sea-fishing


Parent and student questionnaire results for the 2015-16 academic year show that 100% of pupils enjoy coming to this school. (+9% rise since 2014-15)



Raising the Profile of PE and Sports for the whole of school improvement


"The pupils of Lower Kersal will participate in a range of inter and intra sports events and tournaments.  A range of new sports and activities will be offered to children outside of their normal classroom hours.  Children will be offered a range of sporting opportunities in the hope that they will be excited, interested and successful in these new pursuits."


Using our sports coach in EYFS school was able to create smaller learning groups within the Foundation Stage.  This allowed for detailed assessment and observations to be made which meant that there was swift intervention for those children who had co-ordination or gross motor difficulties and intervention.  Referrals and programmes of support led by the sports coach  were put in place.  

Despite a drop in GLD levels for 2015-16, due to the targeted work of the sports coach there was an increase in the percentage of pupils reaching expected levels in the physical areas of learning:




The increased profile of Sports in the school, along with easy access to transport and the increased range of sports on offer here resulted in the school winning our cluster's Sports League.  In 2014 Lower Kersal came 7/8 in the league, in 2015 this had moved up to 6/8 in the league.  In 2016 we became league champions!  The Irwell EIP sports league involves children of all ages and focuses on a range of sporting activities.  The use of after-school clubs and our sports coach meant that school was able to prepare for these events and train the pupils who were selected to represent the school at that sporting tournament.


Professional Development in PE


"Lower Kersal will use the skills of a qualified sports coach to help improve the provision of PE and Sports within the school and develop staff capabilities at delivering high quality PE lessons."


The sports coach works at lunchtimes alongside existing welfare staff.  He demonstrates activities, encouraging them to run these independently - helping to build capacity and sustainability for furture years.


The sports coach works alongside existing teachers in the school, helping them develop their own skills at teaching PE.  Learning observations showed a +25% increase in PE lessons being judged 'good or better' for 2015-16.


School pays into Salford's School Sports Partnership organisation to help develop our sports co-ordinator.  Termly conferences help raise awareness of current PE intitiatives and enable the lead to liaise and network with other providers and schools.  This information is then cascaded back to staff during special subject-led staff meetings.  This helps maintain PE's high profile within the school and allows staff to access further support and training if requested.


Increasing the range of sports and activities on offer


"Lower Kersal will organise a range of sporting events and activities to help broaden the children's knowledge, experience and enjoyoment of sport in the hope that they will choose to take up one of these activities in their own free time."


In 2015 - 2016 school offered






Girls Football+



Skipping events



Cross Country+


Dancing (including Bollywood dancing)



Kwik Cricket

Tag rugby


Mountain climbing

Go Kart racing+

Multisports club+



+ indicates this was NEW for 2015/16


Feedback from pupils on the range of activities on offer throughout the year was very positive.  The Lower Kersal Sports Council highlighted the enjoyment of learning new skills and tactics across a broad range of sporting activities as some of the reasons for these responses.



Competitive Sport


"The pupils of Lower Kersal will be encouraged to take part in a range of sporting events and competitions, both internally and externally via the network of our existing familyof schools and via the Salford School's Sports Partnership (SSP).  Participation in these events will be celebrated across the school through the use of certificates, medals and trophies."


Lower Kersal Community Primary School won the Irwell EIP Sports League for 2016.


Children across the school, from Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 took part in a range of competitive sports, including 37% of eligable pupils being chosen to represent the school at competitive tournaments involving other schools and organisations.


100% of children, irrespective of their ability, need, interest or difference participated in intra-sports competitions, including taking part in bleep test trials and whole school sports days.


Children who won local cluster competitions (eg Basketball) were eligable to represent the Family of Schools in a regional Level 2 event



Working in Partnership With the Irwell EIP

The Irwell Edcuation Improvement Partnership comprises 8 primary schools and 1 high school from the local area. Its driving aim is to improve all outcomes for our children. We use sporting competitions to inspire and engage children across the partnership to be more physically active and promote long-term health and happiness.

PE leads from all partner schools meet each half term to organise and plan a range of quality experiences and sporting competitions across a range of sports including swimming, benchball, rugby and football. 

In 2016 Lower Kersal Primary School WON the Irwell EIP League!  This success is real evidence of our attempts at improving sports and sporting provision at our school!

Look below at the placings we secured at the end of each Leqgue year.  As you can see, we have moved up the table year-on-year since the introduction of the Sports Grant...

2015 League Table Results

2014 League Table Results

Irwell EIP Competition Outline 2016 - 2017
EIP PE Events 2016-2017.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [293.2 KB]

The School Sport Partnerships in Salford is hosted by All Hallows RC High School.

The Partnership Development Manager and High Quality Officer have a combined 50 years’ experience of working with Primary Schools, and all other staff members are specialists in Primary School delivery.

The aim of the partnership is ‘Working with teachers to develop PE and school sport.

The partnership offers three levels of Primary School Membership, Bronze, Silver and Gold that all support schools in maximising the effectiveness of the Sport Premium funding.

By being  a member of the SSP, Lower Kersal has access to:

  • A bespoke programme of CPD for teaching and non-teaching staff in all areas of PE to enhance PE in schools.
  • A continued network for subject leaders to receive advice on all PE and Sport Matters, including Government policy on the ‘Sport Premium’, School Games, the AfPE Kitemark, the School Games Mark and National Curriculum.
  • Unlimited free places at the Annual Salford PE and Sport Conference held in October each year.
  • A minimum of 2 PE co-ordinator (PLT) training days usually held in January and May.
  • Entry into the Partnership Celebratory Events, such as ‘World Sport Day’.
  • Entry into an annual Salford School Run.
  • A School Sport Competition Programme.**
  • Primary PE advice line, including support for Ofsted inspection.
  • Knowledge of funding opportunities in PE and Sport.
  • Access* to leadership training via courses in Young Leaders, Sportshall Leaders and Mini-Whistlers.
  • Access* to Physical Literacy coaching.
  • Access* to KS2 PE Training Programme.
  • Schools receive copies of publications from the partnership such as The Salford Primary Physical Education Guide and the ‘Move With’ resources.
  • Password to the Bronze area of the partnership web-site.

* Access to these programmes is included in Bronze Membership, but they may incur additional charges as part of ‘Bronze Plus’

**All School Games Level 2 Competitions are free to access for all schools in the SGO Area.