School provides a range of sporting/activity clubs throughout the year.  School works as part of an Education Improvement Partnership to offer inter-school sporting events including football tournaments, swimming galas and rugby matches.  The importance of sport is recognised in our termly Prize Days where children from every class (inc Nursery) are rewarded with a trophy for their sporting achievements.


School subscribes to the Salford swimming scheme and pays for one year groups to go swimming each week. This ensures that all pupils are able to swim one length before their swimming sessions end. School further uses its budget to pay for a PE kit for every child on roll, ensuring that children are ready to take part in all physical activity lessons.


 Residential holidays at Prestatyn and Lledr Hall have a strong physical activity emphasis and school employs a qualified sports coach to deliver/support PE lessons throughout all phases/key stages.  Our sports coach works each morning with children in our EYFS to help develop their fine and gross motor skills and also to give them an early love of physical activity and movement which we hope they will keep for the rest of their lives. School further benefits from the employment of our sports coach by helping support and enhance the delivery of PE within school through the demonstration of moves, by increasing teacher knowledge and to further enhance before school and lunchtime provision.  Initially a large percentage of our Sports Premium Grant was used to employ our coach.  Since 2015 there has been a year on year reduction in this contribution to ensure the sustainability of this work.


Lower Kersal is fully committed to providing an accessible and inclusive sports curriculum offer.  We use funding to help purchase additional specialist equipment or staff if this is needed to enable a pupil to take part in a sporting event or activity. This provision creates opportunities where our children can realise their basic rights and enhance their physical and mental wellbeing.   

2023 2024 SPG Expenditure
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2022-2023 SPG Impact Review
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2022 2023 SPG Planned spend
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2021 2022 Impact Review
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2021 - 2022 Sport Premium Spending Plan
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Impact Review 2020 - 2021
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2020 -2021 Spending Plan
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2019-2020 SPG Spending Plan
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Working in Partnership With the Irwell EIP

The Irwell Education Improvement Partnership comprises 7 primary schools from the local area. Its driving aim is to improve all outcomes for our children. We use sporting competitions to inspire and engage children across the partnership to be more physically active and promote long-term health and happiness.

PE leads from all partner schools meet each half term to organise and plan a range of quality experiences and sporting competitions across a range of sports including swimming, benchball, rugby and football.