Reading Standards at the end of Key Stage 1 (2016)

Reading At LKPS


Since 2010 LKPS has been working hard to improve standards in reading.  In 2010 LKPS was invited to become an ECaR school.  Although we are no longer officially connected with the ECaR scheme, much of the work and ideas gained from our time on the programme are still used today.


You will not find just one reading scheme in use here at Lower Kersal as we do not subscribe to one specific scheme. At school we use real books to help our children learn to read.  Evidence shows that our teachers now teach reading much more effectively.  Books in school are book-banded to ensure that children have books appropriate to their need and level of challenge.  Each book band is given a colour and this represents a different level.  The books used for bands are from Oxford Reading Tree.  Class reads, guided reading, storytime sessions and visits to our local libray all complement and support the work we do here.

Since 2010 school has spent over £25,000 on new books to read in school and at home.  Here at LKPS we teach children to read through a systematic synthetic phonics programme based around Read Write Inc.  Phonics is taught through a 'phases not ages' approach, meaning that children are grouped together according to their ability.  This can mean some able Reception children work closely with pupils in Yr 2 or pupils in Yr 1 may work with pupils in Yr 3.  Although this work takes a lot of planning and co-ordination we find that it is well-worth the effort as our approach seems to be working! 


When our journey began in 2010, 48% of children in Yr 1 to Yr 6 could read at age-appropriate levels.  Assessments in July 2012 showed that this figure had increased to 68%.  In 2012-2013 school set itself an ambitious target of 75% - and we are pleased to say that we did achieve this!  Results at the end of KS2 for 2014 showed that over 70% of the pupils who left us achieved a Level 5 in reading - which is one level higher than the expected Level 4 result!  Reviews of our work show that our children now need more support with understanding the text they have read. 

The focus of much of our work in KS1 for 2016-2017 will be to improve our phonics screening check scores in Yr 1 and ensure that more of our children leave Key Stage 1 with reading abilites AT A GREATER DEPTH than those expected.  We are confident that we can achieve this!





Year 1 Phonics Screening Check

In 2012 Yr 1 pupils at LKPS sat their first phonics screening check.  66% of our children achieved a pass mark!  In 2013 our results rose even further to 72%.  This was further improved upon in 2014 when 76% of our Year 1 pupils passed the screening check and 81% passed the expected standards in 2015!


In 2016, 75% of our pupils met expected standards in phonics.  This was below National Aversage for 2016 (81%) This is a difference of 6%

School has looked at the possible reasons for this drop and has put actions in place to ensure that this situation does not happen again.


Whole-Book Reading 

Here at Lower Kersal we beleive that children should experience a wide range of text types and authors.  Every class has an agreed list of books which children must read.  These are class-reads and school owns its own class sets of each of the titles on the list to ensure that teachers have access to them.  

List of Agreed Titles to be read at Lower Kersal Primary School
Whole School Class Reads.docx
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